We offer both clinic based and video call sessions to suit your individual needs.


How do the online/video programmes work?

The programme is delivered just as effectively as if it were face to face.

We will chat via video call (WhatsApp or Zoom) You will weigh* yourself before your consultation and send me your weight or body composition report along with a photo or screenshot of your food diary. We will discuss any challenges that arose and set goals for the week ahead.


*If you don’t have a scales or would like an accurate reading I will recommend a scales to you that sends a full body composition report to an app on your phone, which you can then share with me.


What to expect from all of our programmes

  • Private and confidential consultations (face to face or video call)
  • Advice from a coach who has been in your shoes and understands the journey
  • Practical nutritional coaching in simple language. e.g. reading food labels
  • Confidence to make the right food choices at home, when shopping and when eating out
  • Tailored meal plans to suit your and your families lifestyle
  • No gimmicks, meal replacements or expensive products. Just real food.
  • Weekly accountability consultations with full body composition and body fat analysis
  • Encouragement and support on your journey with ”tough love” if required
  • Learn to manage your emotions and triggers that cause you to overeat or drink
  • Nutritionally balanced, “no hunger” meal plans
  • Action plan for special occasions and holidays ensuring you don’t overdo it
  • 100’s of simple Recipes and recommended convenience foods
  • Discover simple exercises to do at home, no need for expensive equipment or gym membership
  • Tailored, low cost maintenance plan to ensure you keep the weight off


You will receive all this and more from just €25 per session

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Do any of the following sound familiar?


  • Tried every diet under the sun but nothing works


  • Have great intentions when you start a diet but fall off the wagon after a few weeks


  • No control over your eating leading to compulsive or binge eating


  • Depressed about your weight & lost interest in your appearance


  • Avoid looking in the mirror and going out socialising


  • No energy, no get up and go , Mood swings


  • Putting on a happy face for everyone but miserable inside


  • If you can identify with any or all of the above then you need to do something about it now. Our programme can help you transform your life, just like I did.

Before: 19½ stone

After: 9½ stone

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