We offer 3 programmes to suit individual’s needs. We will coach you on nutrition and making the correct food choices, how to identify your triggers to overeat or drink, and how to develop a healthy lifestyle which will ensure you keep the weight off, permanently.


Why we’re different:

  • Individual consultations with complete privacy and confidentiality
  • Personally tailored programme to fit in with your life
  • Complete lifestyle analysis with recommended changes
  • You will learn about nutrition for a healthy life
  • No gimmicks, meal replacements or expensive products to buy
  • Weekly follow up consultations with full body composition and body fat analysis
  • Encouragement and support on your journey
  • Nutritionally balanced “no hunger” eating plans
  • Action plan for special occasions and holidays
  • Optional mindfulness coaching
  • Recipes and food sampling
  • Tailored, low cost maintenance plan to ensure you keep the weight off



What you will learn:

• Practical nutrition, enabling you to make the right choices shopping and eating out

• How to stand up to cravings and make them go away

• How to stick to your eating plan even when faced with temptation

• How to manage your emotions and triggers that cause you to overeat

• To overhaul your lifestyle and find exercise you like

• To identify and deal with food pushers and saboteurs

• To be happy with yourself again

• How to keep the weight off permanently


You will receive all this and more for just

€29.99 per session

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Do any of the following sound familiar?


  • Tried every diet under the sun but nothing works


  • Have great intentions when you start a diet but fall off the wagon after a few weeks


  • No control over your eating leading to compulsive or binge eating


  • Depressed about your weight & lost interest in your appearance


  • Avoid looking in the mirror and going out socialising


  • No energy, no get up and go , Mood swings


  • Putting on a happy face for everyone but miserable inside


  • If you can identify with any or all of the above then you need to do something about it now. Our programme can help you transform your life, just like I did.

Before: 19½ stone

After: 9½ stone

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At Health Life Balance you will learn to make the best, healthy food choices. You will lose excess weight and more importantly you will keep the weight off and maintain a healthy weight for life. Through nutritionally balanced food plans not fad diets, you’ll lose fat not water and muscle. There are no diet gimmicks like meal replacements or expensive products to buy, just honest to goodness food that the whole family will enjoy. If you are tired of being overweight and feeling out of control, maybe you are a compulsive or binge eater. You may not realise it, but one of the main contributory factors in excessive overeating is a “blood sugar imbalance” that makes the body constantly crave food so you feel out of control. By following our healthy eating weight loss programme you will gain back control of your blood sugar and stop craving junk food like: sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and bread. We will also help you re-discover the enjoyment of exercise and that doesn’t mean you have to join a gym! We encourage you to include physical activity into your daily life (like walking) that is sustainable long term, not just to lose the weight. Our programme will focus on changing your bad habits and relationship with food. Maybe you overeat when you are bored or stressed or just because you feel like it! You will learn, with our support, how to challenge your current thoughts and stop the automatic reaction to turn to food. We have helped men and women all over Wicklow and Dublin shed the stones and pounds to achieve lasting weight loss, the results of our success stories speak for themselves. If you are ready to change your lifestyle, feel slimmer and happier than ever before and get your confidence back then this is the programme for you.

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