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Hi, I’m Linda and I am a qualified Nutrition and Mindfulness Coach specialising in weight loss and helping clients to overhaul their lifestyle.   I founded Health Life Balance back in 2012 after successfully losing 10 stone and maintaining a healthy weight for over 6 years.


I battled with my weight most of my life and tried every diet under the sun but the weight just piled on, I was getting heavier and heavier until I tipped the scales at 19 ½ stone!!!!  I was so miserable and hated myself, I stopped looking in the mirror and started slipping into a dark place, life felt hopeless.  The tipping point was seeing a picture of myself on holidays and I got a big shock, was that really me!  I looked 20 years older than I was, something needed to change…  actually “I” needed to change.


I went about changing the whole of my lifestyle and not just the food as I had tried that and it didn’t work.  I designed a healthy eating plan that focuses on getting the “Balance” right so you don’t have to give up alcohol or treats.  I started to become more active so instead of joining a gym that I knew I would get bored with, I started to walk for 10 mins each day and do some simple floor exercises and I built it up gradually.  The final part of my plan was to tackle my poor relationship with food so I used CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Technique) to help identify my triggers and change my behaviour.


I learned so much about myself on my journey and felt so proud of my achievements that I wanted to share it with others and help them too.  This is where Health Life Balance was born, through my passion using a programme that I know really WORKS.  It doesn’t have to be “All or Nothing” anymore, you can still have “A Life” but balance it with a healthier lifestyle.


Natalie, Lorraine and I take immense pride in what we do and we would love to help you on your weight loss journey.  You will not be on your own, we promise to guide you every step of the way and we’ll make it fun too.  So make the decision today to lose your weight for good!!

Linda x





Hi, I’m Natalie and I am a weight loss coach with Health Life Balance. I have guided many clients through their personal journey  and helped them to change their lives for the better.  I have always had a keen interest in health, nutrition and working with people.  I spent many years working as an SNA (Special Needs Assistant) which thought me the importance of encouraging positive behaviour and supporting change. I completed a course in counselling and psychotherapy in 2010 and I’m continually upskilling in this area in particular using CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) with Judith Beck’s Diet Solution and attending “Mindfulness” workshops.  I also hold a Fetac Level  5 qualification in Nutrition and I am constantly trying out new healthy recipes on my own family so I can recommend them to our clients.


I have first-hand experience of struggling with my weight; Juggling 2 children and a busy life meant along the way I had taken my eye off my weight and gained 2 stone.  Although I knew I needed to lose it, I couldn’t seem to motivate myself so I signed up for the Health Life Balance programme and absolutely loved it. It gave me a new found confidence and motivation, I even managed to run a full Marathon in 2012 which was always a goal of mine but I never thought I could do it.


Since then, not only have I kept my weight off; I actually believe so strongly in the programme that I came on board as a coach myself.  The approach is different from anything you will have tried before, diets don’t work and killing yourself with quick fix exercise won’t last either.  Our programme takes a sensible “Balanced” approach that will ensure you get to your goal and more importantly stay there.


I would love to help you to realise your aspirations for a healthier life, just as I did.

Natalie x




Hi, I’m Lorraine and I am a Nutritional Therapist, Natural Food Chef and coach with Health Life Balance. I have enjoyed working with a wide range of clients from cooking for corporate events, providing workshops and seminars for executives, local communities and health enthusiasts, to assisting Food and Health Manufacturers to Charities, Local Authorities and individuals. I am excited to be working with you to help you achieve your ultimate goal of health and happiness. Having suffered for years with hormonal and digestive problems, I understand what it feels like to be unsatisfied with your own health and feel uncomfortable in your own skin.  My conditions often got the better of my motivation and left me feeling tired, unmotivated and overwhelmed about where to turn.


Thankfully, my curiosity brought me to numerous countries around the world where I spend much of my time coaching and learning new approaches to nutrition and weight loss.  The more I learned the more dissatisfied I became with the “quick fix” model for weight-loss regimes. I wanted to combine my passion for nutrition with my desire to work with tired, overwhelmed, stressed individuals who desire to unlock the answers to becoming a better version of themselves.


Our approach at health life balance is unique. We don’t believe in quick fixes, calorie counting or extremes. We do not focus on depriving you but rather on helping you to develop the tools you need to make lifestyle changes so that at the end of your sessions this new way of life becomes the natural way of living for you.


My aim is to help you to discover how to make real changes that not only make a real difference to your waistline but also your overall health and lifestyle.

Lorraine x


Contact Linda O’Leary | Mobile 087 2694954 | linda@healthlifebalance.ie





At Health Life Balance you will learn to make the best, healthy food choices. You will lose excess weight and more importantly you will keep the weight off and maintain a healthy weight for life. Through nutritionally balanced food plans not fad diets, you’ll lose fat not water and muscle. There are no diet gimmicks like meal replacements or expensive products to buy, just honest to goodness food that the whole family will enjoy. If you are tired of being overweight and feeling out of control, maybe you are a compulsive or binge eater. You may not realise it, but one of the main contributory factors in excessive overeating is a “blood sugar imbalance” that makes the body constantly crave food so you feel out of control. By following our healthy eating weight loss programme you will gain back control of your blood sugar and stop craving junk food like: sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and bread. We will also help you re-discover the enjoyment of exercise and that doesn’t mean you have to join a gym! We encourage you to include physical activity into your daily life (like walking) that is sustainable long term, not just to lose the weight. Our programme will focus on changing your bad habits and relationship with food. Maybe you overeat when you are bored or stressed or just because you feel like it! You will learn, with our support, how to challenge your current thoughts and stop the automatic reaction to turn to food. We have helped men and women all over Wicklow and Dublin shed the stones and pounds to achieve lasting weight loss, the results of our success stories speak for themselves. If you are ready to change your lifestyle, feel slimmer and happier than ever before and get your confidence back then this is the programme for you.

Contact Linda O Leary on 0872694954 or linda@healthlifebalance.ie