Linda's Story


Hi there, I’m Linda O Leary and these pictures tell my life story so far. In the top photo I weighed 19½ stone and now I weigh just 9½ stone. I can barely believe that was actually me but the camera never lies. Each time I look at the photo I get flashbacks of how miserable I was. I hid behind size 24 baggy cardigans and long T-shirts and I hid my emotions behind the weight. I was bubbly and confident to the outside world, but inside I was so unhappy, unhealthy and unfit.


I tried every crash diet and quick fix you could imagine and while I did lose some weight, I always managed to gain it back, plus a little extra!! It took me 3 years to lose my weight, as there were no personal coaches back then to help me, but the advantage of it taking me this length of time is the information I have learned about nutrition and how eating the wrong foods effect the body and how our thoughts influence how and why we eat. I have happily maintained my goal weight for over 5 years and I will teach you how to do the same.


At health life balance we will confidentially monitor and analyse your current lifestyle and eating habits and then begin coaching you personally in all aspects of correct food choices and the benefits exercise will bring. We also look at how your thoughts and emotions are affecting your eating habits and may be the main reason you have not been able to shift the weight permanently.


You can be assured you are not making this step alone; we will be with you every step of the way coaching and motivating you towards your goals. Educating you on how to change those poor eating habits that have gradually crept in over the years, to healthy options. With easy to follow food plans, that will not only make you feel and look amazing but will allow you to lose excess weight, and allow you to maintain your new healthy weight.


This is not a diet but a complete lifestyle change; we want you to be healthy not skinny. It’s all about getting the balance that is right for you. I am so passionate about this programme and the results it achieves, I know I can help you lose weight and improve your life.


Linda O Leary

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At Health Life Balance you will learn to make the best, healthy food choices. You will lose excess weight and more importantly you will keep the weight off and maintain a healthy weight for life. Through nutritionally balanced food plans not fad diets, you’ll lose fat not water and muscle. There are no diet gimmicks like meal replacements or expensive products to buy, just honest to goodness food that the whole family will enjoy. If you are tired of being overweight and feeling out of control, maybe you are a compulsive or binge eater. You may not realise it, but one of the main contributory factors in excessive overeating is a “blood sugar imbalance” that makes the body constantly crave food so you feel out of control. By following our healthy eating weight loss programme you will gain back control of your blood sugar and stop craving junk food like: sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and bread. We will also help you re-discover the enjoyment of exercise and that doesn’t mean you have to join a gym! We encourage you to include physical activity into your daily life (like walking) that is sustainable long term, not just to lose the weight. Our programme will focus on changing your bad habits and relationship with food. Maybe you overeat when you are bored or stressed or just because you feel like it! You will learn, with our support, how to challenge your current thoughts and stop the automatic reaction to turn to food. We have helped men and women all over Wicklow and Dublin shed the stones and pounds to achieve lasting weight loss, the results of our success stories speak for themselves. If you are ready to change your lifestyle, feel slimmer and happier than ever before and get your confidence back then this is the programme for you.

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